1. The purpose of the Midnight Sun Chapter is to promote the advancement of the safety profession and safety professionals in the geographical area served.

2. In fulfilling its purposes, the Chapter shall have the following objectives within the geographical area:

  • To develop and/or promote educational programs for obtaining the knowledge required to perform the functions of a safety professional.
  • To develop and/or disseminate locally, information and materials that will carry out the purposes of the Chapter, the Society, and serve the public.
  • To provide and/or support forums for the interchange and acquisition of professional knowledge among its members.
  • To foster liaison with local organizations of related disciplines.
  • To inaugurate and implement such other programs and projects that are consistent with the purposes of the Charter and the Society.
  • To conduct its affairs in a manner that will reflect the standards, purposes and objectives of the society.

Chapter Officers

  • Past - President
    Will Brophy
  • President
    Patti Sellner
  • Secretary
    Bobbie Perkins
  • Treasurer
    Michael Repasky
  • Vice President
    Norm Alden